Can a Mum catch a break?! Parenting, the media and Charlize Theron

Image source: Splash News Online 

You know when you see something and your blood boils? This article about Charlize Theron and her son, Jackson, does exactly that. 

Basically it looks like Charlize’s son had a meltdown because he wasn’t quite ready to leave where they were. This invoked a hateful article that accuses Charlize of ragging her child around and being an unfit mother. 

Here are the salacious “gems” from the article:

1.The headline leads with the word “Disturbing” 

This is just stupid. 

2.  ‘As blogger Sandra Rose points out: “Emotionally neglected children throw temper tantrums when they feel their situation is hopeless. A tantrum is their way of expressing that hopelessness and lack of control.”’

I tried Googling Sandra Rose (my head kept screaming who (explitive)is Sandra Rose?!) She’s apparently a gossip blogger who may or may not have some medical knowledge. No clue. *sighs* I worry about any publication that references a gossip blogger as a point of reference for child psychology. 

3. “Children who feel loved, nurtured and safe usually don’t throw temper tantrums at age 4, especially not in public.”

Ok it would be easy for me to be a smug cow and say my son has never thrown a tantrum in his life (He never has. Smug cow) but this is bull. No one, neither Sandra Rose nor the “journalist” know anything about this child, Charlize or his supposed feelings.  Children regardless of their home environment are likely to play up, come on get a grip!

I know I’m giving the fueling negativity  by even posting about but it is actually nice to see that motherhood is the same whether you’re a celebrity or not. It’s a common bond we all share as mothers irrespective of our circumstances. 

To vilify Charlize though is unforgivable. I can imagine that it’s hurtful when people criticise your work but your parenting????

It’s tough enough being a woman, a mother without nonsense articles like this one. I stand with Charlize. 


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